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Red Legger // Art Show // @Love Garden // 10.28.16

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(above) screen printed hand bills for my upcoming show.

(above) two new screen prints that will be up at Love Garden starting this Friday. Link to event below:


Long Playing Historical Record

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This 22" x 15" 4 color screen print on natural Stonehenge will be available in the store soon...

Mona Lisa Segment Study

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Threadless Artists Shop

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All new artist shop with Red Legger designs plastered across them. Tees, hoodies, zip ups, v-necks, baseball tees and more...

Stay tuned for more available designs.


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Lucky to have this beauty modeling these inky fresh prints for me, on valentines day no less.

Look for this in my etsy store:

INDIANS IN CHEVYLAND explores an industrial obsession during the twentieth century with American Indian imagery in branding. These brands' appropriation of culture, often inaccurately redefining them, tells a new story overlying the one in front of us.


This is a three color screen print on cotton rag Stonehenge paper.


22" x 15"


s/n edition of 12

All New Prints in the Store!

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The Indian

This Indian Motorcycle inspired print is loaded with Native American icons that have graced American brands for decades.

Coat, Burn, Pull, Repeat

A vintage americana inspired ode to screen printing.


Hot Rod Printz

'70 Chevelle / '55 Chevy Gasser


The Love Garden Show

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New Originals

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Elvis Presely, Evil King

1966 Joker, Nurse Ratched

Tor Johnson


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(Above) This screen printed card I did to promote my art opening at Love Garden in Lawrence, KS.

(Above) I also screen printed a gig poster for the bands that played that night. It was a killer show.

(Above) "The Boom" 3 color screen print with a very limited edition of 8

(Above) "Spin Me, Flip Me"

(Above) "Coat, Burn, Pull, Repeat"

(Above) "The Indian"

Gallery 1988 Group Show

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Group show from Sub Pop and Gallery 1988, featuring recreations of all of our favorite albums' cover artwork. Mine will be Pleasant Dreams by the Ramones.


One of my favorite Ramones songs. The KKK Took My Baby Away.

Pop! Batman!

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This 1966 Batman inspired pop art screen print was hand pulled by myself at Red Legger Studio.


It is a signed and numbered limited edition of 25. This 2 color print is on French paper.


18" x 24"

Spin Me, Flip Me

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45's: You love 'em right? I love 'em myself.


This 10"x10" 1 color screen print was hand pulled by myself on French Paper. It is hand signed and numbered with an edition of only 9.

Eddie Learns from Woof Woof

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Eddie is beginning to go through those adolescent changes as he follows Woof Woof's animal urges despite Lily and Grandpa mentoring the dark young lad.


This 12"x18" 3 color screen print was hand pulled by myself on French Paper. It is hand signed and numbered with an edition of only 16. Available in the store now.

The Punk Rods

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Now available in my store!

You Can't See Me

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Another propaganda themed print with a capitalism motif, reminding you to eat, consume, smoke, and never stop chasing that pie in the sky; the cherries are worth 200 points.

s/n edition of 12

3 color screenprint, hand pulled at Red Legger Studio

$20.00 (available now in my store)

New Print Coming...

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Robert Johnson Print

Posted on May 31, 2014 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)



Below: Robert Johnson (Me And The Devil Blues Print)



This Robert Johnson inspired print features the man shortly after making the deal that learned him to play the blues.


10" x 10" 4 color screen print on warm white Stonehenge paper


s/n edition of only 12






Below: Robert Johnson (I Believe It's Time to Go - Variant)


Choose from two different 4 color 10" x 10" screen prints.


white Stonehenge paper: s/n edition of only 3


steel gray Stonehenge paper: s/n edition of only 4



All prints now available in my store.

Got Some Prints @ Wonder Fair

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803 1/2 Massachusetts St.

Lawrence, KS

Just dropped off a stack of screen prints and zines at the Wonder Fair. Go check 'em out! Or else...


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Come check me out Sunday, April 13th in Overland Park. I'll have my zines, screen prints, original drawings and all the 86'd stuff you can handle!